What Are the Benefits of Using a Standing Desk?

Update:06 Jul 2020

In a modern office environment, employees sit on the way to work, in the office, in the restaurant, and in the meeting room. Sedentary affects the physical and mental health of employees, and the productivity of employees is directly related to their physical and mental health. More and more companies are using standing desk.

First, the use of a standing desk can help employees stay in shape. It has been scientifically proven that standing posture increases muscle activity and can burn more calories. At the same time, studies have shown that after using the standing desk for half a year, the physical discomfort of the experimenter has been reduced by about 75%.

Second, the use of a standing desk has great health benefits. Sedentary will increase the risk of heart disease, and may also cause many physical diseases such as low back pain, obesity, diabetes and so on. Maintaining a fixed posture for a long time is not only harmful to physical health, but will also increase psychological pressure in the long run. Employees who are not in good health generally have low work efficiency, and their leave time is longer and their work quality is lower. It is prone to fatigue and fatigue, which makes it impossible to continue working. Using a standing desk is helpful to solve this problem. A study shows that after switching to a standing desk, employees can increase their work efficiency by up to about 46%.

Third, the use of a standing desk can increase the concentration of employees and keep their energy in a strong state. Perhaps because of the sense of urgency brought by the standing posture, it is difficult for employees to handle multiple tasks at the same time when they are standing, which means that they will be more focused on a certain task, and it is not easy to appear distracted. At the same time, prolonging the standing time helps to maintain the energy of employees, even if they work for a day, they are particularly tired.

Now more and more well-known technology companies are using standing desks in the office, which not only improves the health of employees, but also improves their office efficiency. Shaoxing Contuo is a stand up desk manufacturers and suppliers, mainly including standing desk, electric standing desk and standing office desk.