Application of Ergonomics in Standing Office Desk

Update:24 Sep 2020

At present, the application of ergonomic products in the field of stand up desk manufacturer is mainly reflected in products such as ergonomic computer stands, alternate sitting and standing desks and exercise bikes. Ergonomic products have broadened the functions and concepts of office furniture, and have also timely met the needs of recent years. People's consumer demand for healthy office. With the further growth of the office furniture market at home and abroad, the application of ergonomic products in the field of healthy office will become more extensive.

The growing demand for healthy office by the huge white-collar population will promote the wide application of ergonomic products in the field of healthy office. Ergonomic products such as computer stands, sit-stand alternate office systems and exercise bikes can create sitting and standing positions for white-collar workers who pursue healthy office. The office environment with alternating posture and dynamic posture realizes the alternate sitting and standing and the combination of dynamic and static, which is beneficial to the prevention and improvement of sub-health occupational diseases.

The sit-stand alternate office system, including lifting tables, lifting tables, etc., can freely adjust the height according to the user’s height and posture, while smart leisure exercise bikes and deskside exercise bikes allow people to realize their desire to work while riding. Make full use of the fragmented time, carry out appropriate fitness exercises while working to enhance physical fitness and eliminate sub-health. As people's requirements for healthy and comfortable office and life become stronger and stronger, ergonomic products such as seat-stand alternate office systems and exercise bikes have also received more and more attention and have a broad market space.

In recent years, China’s smart home market has shown a steady rise in its global market share and an increasing annual growth rate. At the same time, with the continuous deepening of my country’s consumption upgrade process, the trend of home automation is unstoppable, and it is expected to form a scale of more than 100 billion in the future. Market blue ocean. The "people-oriented" attribute of ergonomic products can be widely used in the field of smart homes such as Motorized Tv Lift, and can provide users with a healthy, comfortable, safe and efficient smart home environment.