Are Contuo Standing Desks Better for You

Update:09 Apr 2021

If you have an office job where you sit hunched over a desk, clicking away at a computer most of the day, you need to take steps – literally – to reduce your sedentary habits. Our bodies are built to move, so sitting for hours at a time is bad news for your health.

A standing desk allows you to work comfortably while standing up. Standing desks, also called sit stand desks, adjust based on a person’s height. Standing desks aim to provide the same ergonomic support you have while sitting.

What are the benefits of Contuo standing desk?

Standing desks offer several health benefits, including:

Standing burns more calories than sitting down. This means that standing throughout the workday can help lower risk of weight gain.

One study found a reduction in blood sugar spikes in people who used standing desks. Standing may be especially helpful after lunch, when your body is digesting food.

Other research suggested that standing desks help lower your risk of heart disease.

Standing desks may lessen chronic back pain.

Standing desks may reduce fatigue and boost energy levels. One study found that participants who used standing desks reported being less tired at the end of the day.

Orthopedic Health Effects

On the topic of orthopedic health, standing is certainly a better option for your posture, as well as back and neck, than sitting. However, standing for long periods of time also brings it’s own share of issues, primarily related to knee pain. When factoring in all the unique drawbacks of standing desk, research around this issue suggests that standing desks generally don’t offer more orthopedic benefits to sitting desks.

There are ways to counteract some of the drawbacks of standing desks. For example, fatigue mats have been shown in some studies to reduce standing fatigue and knee strain by as much as 60%. While there certainly isn’t any research to drive this conclusion, that difference might just be enough to tip a standing desk setup over the edge in comparing it to it’s 4-legged counterpart.

Impact On Obesity

The other purported benefit of standing desks is supposed to be for obesity. On that front, there is a scientific consensus. A standing desk setup doesn’t burn significantly more calories than sitting down, and it certainly isn’t anywhere close to the miracle obesity cure it has often been hyped to be. At best you can expect to burn a few pounds a year, but week to week it won’t make much of a difference.

So, if we had to summarize, the actual physiological impacts of standing desks don’t have enough research behind them to say conclusively one way or the other, but the little research that does exist seems to strongly suggest that they aren’t all that helpful an alternative.

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