Can the lift table accessories be installed by myself?

Update:15 Jul 2022

The inconspicuous lift table actually has a lot of accessories. Many friends who like to do it themselves may want to try to install it by themselves. Can the accessories of the lift table be installed by yourself? In a certain range, it is actually possible, and I will give you a brief introduction below.
1. Automatic lift table
The automatic lifting table accessories are not recommended for you to install by yourself, because it may involve circuit installation and the installation of some more complex but fine small parts, which is relatively difficult. Unless you have a better understanding of this aspect, it is not recommended that you install it by yourself. Getting it wrong can easily lead to problems with the use of the entire desk.

2. Manual lift table
You can try the accessories of the manual lifting table yourself, because its overall structure is relatively simple, and the number of specific accessories involved is not particularly large. Even if the installation is wrong, it is easier to correct, so if you are interested If so, you can try it yourself.

In fact, if you are really inexperienced in the installation of lifting table accessories, it is best not to try it. Although it can be disassembled, it is more troublesome to disassemble some parts. In the end, you still need to find a professional for help, so everyone is really inexperienced. If so, it is best to find a professional to install it, which can reduce a lot of trouble.