Customize a standing desk to allow you to work in multiple positions!

Update:24 Jun 2022

To avoid sedentary hazards, we need more standing desks

According to research, white-collar workers spend 95% of their time sitting on a typical day. In fact, office and government employees spend nearly 100,000 sitting hours in just 40 years of work.

What an astonishing number this is! Sitting for long periods of time reduces our metabolic rate. Studies have shown that the effects of sitting all the time are even higher than smoking! Most of the pain in the hip, back, neck and shoulders of office workers comes from spending too much time in the seat!

Every time you sit down, your body's functions begin to slowly shut down. The electrical signals in the muscles of the legs are turned off, the calorie burn drops to only 1 per minute, the fat breakdown capacity drops by 90%, and if you sit continuously for more than 2 hours, the good cholesterol in the body drops by 20%!

We believe that standing office is the future office trend. Our main recommendation here is the height-adjustable table set, which can be adjusted according to your height and needs, allowing you to work in the most comfortable way.

When you create a standing desk, you need to focus on ergonomics and posture. The height of the table should be high enough, almost just below the elbow. Because our desks are height-adjustable, you can adjust to the height that best suits you. The monitor is parallel or slightly below eye level. You can also custom install the monitor stand to achieve your desired monitor height.