Features and standards of elevating desks

Update:05 Aug 2022

In order to better occupy the market, there is a lot of innovation on the desk. These innovations not only make the desk more usable, but also better ensure the user's health. For lift desks, it is also the office product that people prefer to use today. Therefore, here we will briefly introduce the features and standards of this elevating desk.

Features of lift desks
1. The biggest feature of the lift desk is that it can be raised and lowered freely. During office work, we can alternate between sitting and standing. After all, we can't sit all the time while we work. In addition, this can also reduce the fatigue of the body. Alternating standing and sitting doesn't get in the way of the busy business at hand.
2. The lift desk is also relatively simple to use. During the lifting operation, a button is provided, and when in use, the user only needs to press the button of the table lightly to achieve the purpose of using the table.
3. Another prominent feature of the lift desk is its memory storage effect, that is, when it is adjusted to a height suitable for its own use, in the future use process, press the button, the original height will be automatically realized, which is more convenient and practical .

Criteria for choosing an elevating desk
1. In addition to the empty room, the desk should also consider the placement environment, including horizontal and vertical lines, empty storage rooms, exposed lines and high-voltage power supplies to avoid data leakage caused by magnetic field interference.
2. Pay attention to the safety and comfort of the desk when purchasing. For example, to choose a safe and reliable liftable office chair, the front edge of the desk board should be designed as a smooth beveled edge. Employees don’t have to sit at their desks to create a better platform for communication with the outside world.
3. The choice of materials is also due to the need to pay attention when purchasing. We are no longer limited to steel. Currently, lift desks are made of more materials, such as tempered glass, wood, and aluminum alloys. Surface craftsmanship is extremely important. The basic quality is better for export, and all aspects of product quality inspection meet international standards. Maedest lift table is a good choice.