How Does The Standing Desk Feel Like ?

Update:02 Nov 2020

Working with computers every day, the pain in the waist and neck becomes commonplace over time. Leaving the computer office is really an impossible task. I believe many people will have the same troubles as me. It is said that the body is the capital of the revolution, and we must not sit still.

Sitting in the same posture for a long time in front of the computer, the neck, back, and waist are not relaxed, and fatigue will naturally occur. When you are tired, stand for a while, but you can't stop the work at hand. This gives you the concept of "standing office". At present, there are already many standing office equipment on the market. After considering repeatedly I chose this standing office desk. Next, I will talk about the reasons for my choice and my experience.

Fast and efficient lifting is the first element. Standing office is a helpless move, so the workbench must be able to quickly switch between standing and sitting office. From tens to hundreds of thousands, there are many standing office workbenches on the market, with a height of 450mm that can be adjusted freely, which is very friendly to users of different heights.

It adopts a bow-shaped lifting structure, and the table top will not shift in the front, back, left, and right directions during the lifting process. In other words, you do not need to move the desktop items or change the distance from the body to the table to complete the lifting, which is in line with my needs for simplicity and effort.

The Contuo spring assists the lifting. According to the official publicity, this component has undergone 40,000 fatigue tests before leaving the factory. According to the calculation of 10 lifts per day, the lift life can reach 10 years, so there is a very stable guarantee in terms of safety and reliability.

To adjust the height, you only need to pull upwards, and the table top will rise naturally. Let go when you reach the height you want, and that's it. When stowed, the height can also be lowered by gently pressing down with both hands. From my actual experience, the whole lifting process is very smooth and there is no lag.

Staring at the computer every day for work is definitely not changing. Standing office is just a way to improve your physical condition. It also has some negative effects. After standing for a long time, there will be problems such as leg pain, varicose veins, and effort. So it is important to find a handy workbench that can help you quickly switch back and forth between sitting and standing positions. In short, get up and stand for a while when you are tired.

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