How to choose a adjustable desk?

Update:18 Sep 2021

Electric adjustable desks - originated in European and American countries, but in recent years, with the development of our country's economy, more and more people are used to sitting at office, they have begun to be popular in our country to let many people have a good experience of use.

Faced with a variety of brands of adjustable desks, how should we choose an office adjustable desk that meets our daily needs and suits us? If you have a purchase requirement but don't know how to choose, you should take a look.

How to choose an adjustable desk?

Most people will choose the electric smart adjustable desks with convenience, good stability, and many functions. Then how to choose?

  1. look at the motor

After all, it is by an electric lifting up and down, so the motor is important. A good lifting system also determines the life of the adjustable desk. After all. It is the sort of  thing to be used for a long time, no one wants it to "retire" in advance.

There is also a difference between single and dual motor. Single motor is cheaper than dual motor, but dual motor has better stability, larger loading capacity, and more functions. After all, you get what you pay for.

  1. Steel frame structure

In terms of frame structure, most brands of adjustable desk are very stable. It mainly depends on the material of the steel frame. Most of them use 1.5mm cold-rolled steel, some brands will mark the thickness 2mm, but it actually includes the thickness of the front and back protective paint on the surface, so pls make it clear when you buy.

  1. Tabletop

There are a large number of tabletops to choose in the mark, so sometimes you even don’t know how to choose it.