How to Choosing the Prefect Standing Desk II

Update:18 Jan 2021

In this article, we developed more guide to choosing the right one for your unique situation.


How quickly does it raise/lower. Obviously, the quicker the speed, the more often people will adjust their worksurfaces throughout the day.


Make sure if you choose a height adjustable desk that requires power that you have easy access to electricity.

Leg fatigue

One common complaint from people using sit-stand desks is that they get tired standing. Some strategies include; wearing supportive shoes, adding a riser to support one foot while standing, adding a gel mat and encouraging people to slowly build up their tolerance by incrementally adding to the time they stand.

Weight Capacity

This might not seem important at first glance, but if you're used to having a lot of stuff on your desk, you have to consider how much weight the motor can handle. And remember that the tabletop has to be included in the weight that the motor will be lifting. Desks on the low end will only lift 50 lbs. If you're not sure how much your stuff weighs, take all of the stuff that you have on your desk right now and weight it. If the tabletop of the desk you're considering isn't listed, call the manufacturer to find out how much it weighs. On the high end, some desks can lift a whopping 700 lbs!


Electric desks will often have several memory settings, similar to what you have in some car seats. So if you share your desk with family or office workers, have 2-4 presets can save you time every time you adjust as you can just press a button and the desk will adjust to the perfect height for you.

Evaluate Work Surface Stability

How much does the unit shake while you type and work?

Some types of converters are inherently more stable than others. Z-Lifts for instance are some of the most stable of the bunch. Many others offer comparable stability, depending on the model.

Shaking of the work surface is problematic from a couple different standpoints. First, with the monitors moving, it is difficult to focus on your screens and do your work. Second, with the keyboard platform moving, typing can be a challenge. A shaking keyboard platform can lead to pressing down the keys with more force in the effort to gain stability, and this can lead to strain on the wrists, and also a spring-back effect when you let up the force and stop typing, which can cause you to have to resituate your hands and refocus.

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