How to Operate the Lift Most Energy-saving and Power-saving?

Update:31 Jul 2020
  1. Reduce standby time.

After the mobile tv lift is used, the power should be turned off. For the convenience of many users, after using it, they will press the standby button just like the television. In fact, this is not a wise approach. Firstly, standby is very power-consuming; secondly, there will be unsafe factors; in addition, the electrical system is still operating in the standby state, and the standby time is too long, and circuit failure may occur. It may even be in thunderstorms. Cause a lightning strike.

  1. Lubricate frequently.

The lubrication of the TV lift is a detailed problem. When using the tv lift, many users will find that the friction between the pins will increase with the increase of the use time, and it will often be accompanied by a lot of noise. The lubrication will reduce this friction, reduce the generation of wasteful work, and achieve the purpose of energy saving.

  1. Don't overload operation.

Overloading is forbidden. Running within the load can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, but many users think that they are seeking efficiency when using it. Overloading during the lifting process can improve the efficiency of work in a short time, but in the long run This is tantamount to plucking seedlings to encourage growth, which may shorten the service life of the tv lift and greatly increase the power consumption. In fact, the gains outweigh the losses.

  1. Do a good job of test machine.

The test machine is not only to test the safety function of the electric lift, but also has the function of warming up in advance, so that the fluidity of the cylinder, motor, and especially the hydraulic oil can enter the working condition early, reducing the resistance after the official start of work, and saving energy.

  1. Just enough.

This is a work trick. When the height is increased to the expected height, release the ascending button, and the TV lift will continue to ascend for a certain distance due to inertia. In this process, it saves electricity. Although it seems that it can only save a little at the moment, it will accumulate over time. Can bring unexpected results.

Protecting the environment and conserving resources should not just stay in words, but should be put into action. Saving electricity when operating an electric tv lift is the performance of low-carbon environmental protection. Everyone starts with small things and contributes to the environment on which we live.