Key Parameters of the Lift Table

Update:21 Oct 2021

Key Parameters of the Lift Table

How to pick an adjustable desk? Mainly look at the motor and table legs.

Motor: it is the heart of the entire adjustable desk, and responsible for liftingup and down of the table. A good motor lifts smoothly, strong loading capacity and a long service life. In addition, the motors of the adjustable desks are generally single or dual motors. Dual motors are more expensive than single motors, but have a faster lifting speed, stronger loading capacity, and more durable. If it is a beginner, a single motor is enough. If the desktop is heavy, it is recommended to choose a dual-motor adjustable desk.

The legs of the adjustable desk are different from ordinary tables. In order to achieve lift,table legs are multi-section assembly, which can flexand stretch.

The legs are usually two and three sections. The lift range of the three sections is larger, but there may be a little shaking when the lift height is too high.

There are two types of assembly methods. Formal assembly means the upper part is thinner and the lower part is thicker. Inverted assembly means the upper part is thicker and the lower part is thinner. Inverted assembly requires a relatively higher technology requirement on the process. If the assembly is not good, it may cause oil leakage phenomenon.