Standing Desk Can Effectively Relieve Fatigue

Update:17 Oct 2022


Using a standing desk can be beneficial for your health. Some people use a flow board or anti-fatigue mat to relieve pressure on their feet. It is also a good idea to take regular breaks throughout the day to stretch.

Using a standing desk can also help you improve your posture. When you sit at a desk, you tend to lose your energy and become tired. In contrast, if you stand, you'll have more energy and less stress on your lower back. In addition, standing at your desk may reduce your risk of developing back pain and cardiovascular problems. These problems can increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. It is important to get enough exercise to stay healthy.

One important way to improve your posture while standing at a standing desk is by adjusting the height of your desk. The ideal height of your desk is 90 centimeters. You should alternate your weight between your legs if you're standing for more than 30 minutes. Another simple way to improve your posture while standing is by visualizing a string.

Although there's little research on this, some studies have shown that standing desks can reduce fatigue, sleepiness, and discomfort. A randomized crossover study was conducted with adults over 8 hours. They were tested hourly for physical and mental fatigue. Using a standing desk has proven to be an effective alternative to prolonged sitting, which is recommended by current guidelines.