Standing Height Adjustable Conference Tables

Update:24 Aug 2021

Sit-to-stand furniture has become an integral part of the office landscape. In keeping with this trend, CONTUO presents a series of electric adjustable tables. Equipped with a electric height adjustment system, this table can easily be added at the end of a desk for an extra sit-to-stand work surface or in an open space for collaborative meetings.

Fortunately, the modern world is becoming more health-conscious – and this has brought along the innovation of standing desks. These desks are now found everywhere and are not only limited to an employee’s personal workspace anymore. Conference desks have evolved too.

Companies are increasingly looking at adding an adjustable height conference tables to their meeting room – this way, employees are encouraged to get up and stand while they are having a meeting. A standing conference table may not only promote the well-being of employees but may even help to improve their productivity; thus extending the benefits toward the company as well.