The Dangers Associated with a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

Update:11 Apr 2022

The Dangers Associated with a Flat Screen TV on the Wall

For years, flat screen TVs have been placed on the wall with no rise of concern. However, as the world becomes more mindful of one’s surroundings, it has raised several questions regarding the safety of having such a large device on the wall.

Even with proper placement, flat screen TVs on the wall pose potential threats to the safety of standing desk china your employees and customers, business and security. Employees and customers can knock the television off the screen, which is a significant risk that increases drastically if you have a waiting area or play area where children frequent.

Hanging flat screen TVs on the wall will also leave the devices vulnerable to damage, as people can tamper with the device which can result in costly repairs or a broken TV which doesn’t look good for the business. And if someone wanted to steal the television, it wouldn’t be that difficult to do. Unfortunately, simply placing flat screen televisions higher on the wall isn’t a practical option either as the screens are designed to be viewed at a specific angle.

The solution is to install TV lifts in your business. These are mechanical systems that allow you to move the television vertically or horizontally to meet your needs. The benefits of doing so monumental for electric lifting columns businesses.At CONTUO Desk, we've been purveyors of comfortable, healthy work, otherwise known as "ergonomics", since 2013. So 2015, when we couldn't find a perfect height adjustable desks,

Television lifts allow you to increase the aesthetics, safety and protection of your work environment by eliminating risks that could be detrimental to your business. There are various types of TV lifts, such as drop-down TV lifts, Pop-up TV lifts, floor mounts, rear mounts and even TV lifts for cabinets.