The Role of Lifting Columns in the Family

Update:10 Aug 2020

Other products such as electric linear actuators and Lifting Column can provide linear movement for some objects in the smart home, including blinds, recliners, standing desks, scaffolds, TV sets and kitchen supplies, thereby improving the efficiency of these devices.

  1. Transmission blinds

Using linear push rods and lifting columns, users can independently set the blinds. When the sun is too strong, put down the blinds to prevent the sun from directly shining on the body and realize the automation of blinds and curtains.

  1. Recliner

Now more and more furniture can be moved electronically, and the recliner is one of them. In fact, few people know the internal system that makes it work. Electric linear push rods or lifting columns enable this type of recliner to perform multiple movements to adjust the position of the head, body and legs.

  1. Kitchen supplies

There are also many places in the kitchen that use lifting columns. Because everyone's height is different, the unchangeable height will make it inconvenient to use. Proper ergonomics is to prevent body fatigue or injury. For example, adjustable kitchen countertops, adjustable side tables, adjustable spice racks, etc., these appliances can achieve flexibility through the use of lifting columns.

  1. Scaffolding

Scaffolds are mostly used in the backyard. Linear push rods or lifting columns are an important part of the scaffold. The height of the scaffold can be controlled by linear push rods and lifting columns. The push rods will assist in tilting the shutters of the scaffold and open the roof to allow sunlight to enter. , Or closed to provide protection in bad weather.

  1. TV lifting frame

Another typical piece of furniture in a smart home is a TV lift. The TV lift can be lowered and stored in the furniture when not in use, helping to hide the TV. Furniture manufacturers can achieve this function through column push rods or lifting columns.

  1. standing desk

More and more people are beginning to realize that using standing or alternating standing and sitting postures at work can bring more health benefits than just sitting office. The use of the standing desk only needs to click the button to realize the free lifting of the standing desk, and the desktop can be operated up and down at will. In addition, with the development of technology, some desks can even be connected between mobile phones and desks through a mobile phone application. Through this application, you can actually control the height adjustment of the desktop through the mobile device, just like other smart functions in the home same. The application program of this desk also has memory function, calorie recording function and custom sitting and standing cycle alarm function.