The Working Principle of Electric Lifting Column

Update:07 Sep 2020

The Electric Lifting Column is a shelf that can lift a kind of equipment up and down. It is mainly used in large conference rooms and advanced multimedia network systems. When a meeting is required, the lifting frame hidden in the conference table automatically raises the display screen from under the conference table to the desktop On, admiration is at a certain angle. In line with the ergonomics principle, the product can also adjust the angle left and right, which is more conducive to the needs of office presentations. When not in use, the display screen can automatically drop and hide inside the conference table, and automatically close the door. The product is anti-theft, dust-proof and keeps the desktop Flatten, beautify the desktop and save space.

The newly developed steel ball track LCD display lifting frame overcomes the shortcomings of large noise, heavy oil pollution and unstable transmission of the chain and rack lifting frame. It is the latest transmission method of the domestic LCD screen lifting frame.

The electric lifting column adopts ultra-thin design and beautiful appearance; synchronous transmission mode, electric lifting, stable and free; the latest ultra-quiet design of steel ball track. No oil, no noise, long-term wear; simple installation and operation;

Generally, the special stroke and special installation method of the electric lifting column of the new linear actuator can also be designed and customized according to the requirements of different application conditions. The new linear actuator electric lifting column can be designed with different thrusts according to different application loads. The thrust decreases with the increase of speed. The speed cannot be adjusted after leaving the factory. The electric lifting column still runs smoothly after the load. The control system is simple to operate and easy to install. Concise, novel and exquisite product structure design, small size, high precision, good self-locking performance, and more reliable quality.

The position of the linear drive mechanism can be adjusted at will according to individual requirements. The new linear actuator electric lifting column truly realizes simplicity, individualization and humanization. The built-in displacement sensor can be used to control the movement stroke of the motor, which is received and processed by the microcomputer to monitor the position of the linear drive mechanism of the electric Lifting column set in real time, so that the positioning is more accurate and reliable.