Types of Adjustable Desks

Update:30 Sep 2021

Types of Adjustable Desks

Non-automatic adjustable desks: the first adjustable desks, mostly by hand-crank lifting up and down; the advantages are the low price, no power consumption and fuel consumption;
But the disadvantage is that you have to make effort to crank or press down to achieve the rise and fall, and relatively thin, and there will be more obvious wobble during the rise and fall process, and even shake down the objects on the tabletop.

Automatic adjustable desks: the modern and popular adjustable desk, generally powered by electricity, with an electric motor to control the mechanical device to adjust the height of the adjustable desk, or to control the gas or liquid rod by the compressor to adjust the height of the table; the advantages are small electricity consumption, beautiful style, good stability, big lift range. The disadvantage is more expensive. However, compared to the price of two or three thousand abroad, the domestic equivalent products appear to be good value for money.

Adjustable desk converters: a small adjustable desk is placed on a traditional table top, and generally assisted by gas springs to achieve the rise and fall.