What are electric lifting columns

Update:03 Aug 2021

Let’s know that the electric lifting column is a device that controls the height range, lifting capacity and speed.

It can be used in height adjustable desk, meeting table, TV lift, beds, bookcase, drinks cabinet, display cabinet and so on.

A lifting column is mainly made up of three parts: motor, screw rod, and steel column.

There are two main types: 2-stage column and 3-stage column.

The lift system with sturdy steel, contains an industrial - grade steel structure that can be able to support up to 100kg.

What’s more, we have a patent of the supporting block on the joint of L-shape part of the column, its triangular structure makes the lifting columns more stable and firm.

On appearance, there are upside design and upside down design to meet different customers’ aesthetic needs.

The surface, treated with anti-oxidation, is using electrostatic spraying technology, preventing to scratches and abrasions.

Its elegant, modern design includes just the right function to simplify the way people actually work. Height adjustable lifter-its ergonomic design provides peaceful and healthy experience to you wherever at home or in the office.