What are the specific classifications of lift desks?

Update:04 Nov 2022

You may not know much about the lift desks. Although there may be more contact in daily life, everyone still knows a little about it. Therefore the following is a brief introduction to the classification of adjustable desks.

1. Automatic lift desks

This type of desk can be raised and lowered. Generally, electricity is required, and the desktop can be automatically raised or lowered through the power support. Compared with other types, it is more convenient to use and suitable for a variety of households.

2. Non-automatic lift desks

Non-automatic lifting tables can also be understood as human lifting tables. When you want to adjust the height of the desktop, you can only press down or lift it manually. To a certain extent, the height that can be lifted is limited, but the price is relatively cheap, but it is not especially suitable for the elderly or families with many children.

3.The table cannot be raised and lowered

This is not particularly common in daily life, and is generally placed on a ready-made table, mainly to improve the usable space of the desktop, or to cause visual longitudinal difference, which is more common in some more professional fields.

If you want to buy the above three types, it is recommended that you buy an automatic lift desk, because it is not so troublesome to operate. In fact, only the elderly or children at home can easily change the height of the desktop, which is more convenient.