Why choose an adjustable desk

Update:22 Mar 2022

Why choose an adjustable desk
Are you someone that struggles with lower or upper back pain? Do you have employees that suffer from neck discomfort after a long day of sitting? Regardless of what you suffer from, sitting for long periods with little movement is likely a part of the problem.As people change postures throughout the day, they should be able to move freely and take much-needed breaks from sitting. They need solutions that support their body and promote overall wellbeing. In short, they need height-adjustable desks.

Sitting is an essential part of the workday – but sitting in a static position for long periods, day after day, can negatively impact your wellbeing and productivity. To stay healthy, people need a balance between sitting, standing and walking every single day.Standing at work offers a break from sitting and ensures employees stay engaged and productive throughout the day. If you or your employees struggle to make time for standing, a height-adjustable desk is a perfect solution.

In the Stand Up to Work study from Steelcase, it was found that height-adjustable desks can reduce sedentary behavior by 17 percent. The one-year study also concluded that height-adjustable desks are linked to increased productivity, better concentration and improved overall health.Height-adjustable desks allow workers to easily switch from sitting to standing throughout the day, positively impacting employee engagement and satisfaction. As a rule of thumb, you should stand at a height-adjustable worksurface for 1.5 to two hours a day.