Why use a adjustable height desk in the office?

Update:01 Jun 2022

What would it be like to attach a lift function to a desk? An adjustable height desk! In fact, until now, most people are using ordinary desks, and the fixed height can only be adapted by adjusting the height of the chair. But some people have thought about it, why not solve the core problem and turn the desk into a adjustable height desk? Some people even thought of making an electric lift table in one step.

Improve sitting posture, no longer "sitting" fatigue
Tables on the market are generally 70 cm to 90 cm in height. There are not many choices, and the height is not adjustable. Therefore, in many cases, only seats that can be raised and lowered can be purchased to match the table. However, in many cases, when the chair is adjusted to a suitable position for the legs and feet, the table is too short, and such a sitting position for a long time is more likely to cause fatigue and make it difficult to work efficiently. The height-adjustable lift table is the perfect solution to this problem.
Lifting structure: We have long been under the impression that the table is a fixed object with a fixed height and a fixed form. The appearance of the lifting table broke this stereotype.
No longer limited by the desk, the office posture is set by yourself
Improve health and lead the new trend of office
After switching to a lift table, the desktop is no longer limited by height, and can be adjusted to a height that makes the user's hands, waist and neck feel more natural and comfortable, no longer bowing or bending over. Before the table, the hard-to-find benefits.