CTT-02-C2-Y-Height Adjustable Desk

CTT-02-C2-Y-Height Adjustable Desk

Frame SizeW45.3”× D22.6”
Top SizeW49.2” × D27.6”(Max)
Height Range27.2- 45.7”
Max. Lifting Capacity80kg


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  • Description:

    Its elegant, modern design includes just the right features to thoughtfully streamline the way people actually work.

    Adjustable Computer Desk can raise from 27.2" to 45.7" and its ergonomic design delivers a peaceful experience to you wherever at home or office

    Stand Up Writing Desk with a load-bearing capacity of 80kg, have a 45.3" x 22.6"  sturdy industrial-grade steel frame size to hold 49.2" x 27.6" (Max) of desktop

    Standing Office Desk is suitable for people who need to sit for a long time to work or study. It can help them reduce the burden on their neck and waist and relieve the fatigue of sitting for a long time

    With the joint efforts of 2 people, the assembly can be completed within 20 minutes, accessories and tools are well organized and can be selected quickly and clearly.


    Brief introduction:

    It is a simple, modern desk that’s not only comfortable but unbelievably functional, offering just the right amount of clever features.