CTT-F02-R3-Height Adjustable Desk

CTT-F02-R3-Height Adjustable Desk

Frame Size W(39.8”- 66.9”)× D22.6”
Top SizeW70.9” × D31.5”(Max)
Height Range24”- 49.6”
Max. Lifting Capacity100kg
Speed0.59”-1.57”/s (Normal: 1.26”)


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  • Description:

    The desk frame has been engineered for safe, reliable, and fast height adjustment with two separate motors on the two pieces of 3-stage inverted square lifting column. Dual motors with advanced sensors allow our anti-collision system to have better sensitivity.

    Switching between sitting and standing throughout a long workday provides several benefits for the body, such as increased blood flow and enhanced posture.

    Standing throughout the day also keeps the mind alert and productive while you work.


    Brief introduction

    3-stage inverted square lifting column, Dual Motor Adjustable Height Electric Standing Desk.