A Standing Desk Can Improve Your Health

Update:11 Nov 2020

How might a standing desk help? Here’s what you need to know.

The American Cancer Society has also found a link between sitting and dying early. The group conducted a study using data from the American Cancer Society CPS-II Nutrition Cohort, which followed 127,554 people who had no major chronic diseases when they joined the group for 21 years.

During the study’s follow-up, 48,784 people had died. After analyzing the data, the study’s researchers found that the people who sat the most had the highest risk of dying from cancer, coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, suicide, lung disease, liver disease, peptic ulcer and other digestive diseases, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, nervous disorders and musculoskeletal disorders. Specifically, people who sat for six or more hours a day had a 19 percent higher rate of death from all causes combined compared to people who sat for less than three hours a day.

The study’s authors didn’t determine in their research why sitting increased the risk of early death, but they had a few theories:

1、Sitting might take the place of daily activity. As a result, the researchers theorized, people might be doing less light levels of daily activity that could potentially lower the risk of health issues.

2、Sitting may be linked with other unhealthy behaviors. People who sit for long periods of time could be doing things like snacking while watching TV, the researchers said.

3、Sitting has a negative impact on hormones. The time people spend sitting can have a negative impact on the body’s hormone levels and the way the immune system works, the researchers said.

A standing desk isn’t a miracle cure, but it can help improve your health.While the exact health benefits of a standing desk are still not totally known, the fact is that standing at times during the day almost certainly has at least some effect on your overall health, even if that effect is small. Because of that, it's well worth investing in a standing desk.