• Standing Desk

    Shaoxing Contuo is a standing desk manufacturers and suppliers, mainly including standing desk, electric standing desk and standing office desk. The dual electric motors let you raise the desk to three height settings for comfortable adjustment with the touch of a button. Protect your back and cervical spine, starting with standing office.

    Standing Desk
  • Adjustable Desk Converters

    Shaoxing Contuo Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a adjustable desk converters manufacturer and wholesaler. Simple and easy electric adjustments bring your monitor and keyboard to your preferred sitting and standing positions seamlessly. It can use personalized height adjustment without building from scratch.

    Adjustable Desk Converters
  • Height Adjustable Desk

    Shaoxing Contuo main products include height adjustable desk, electric height adjustable table and electric height adjustable desk. It’s a reliable adjustable desk manufacturers and adjustable desk company. Height adjustable desk is an office equipment that is widely promoted and applied in modern office spaces; mainly by adjusting the height of the desktop to meet the needs of people of different heights.

    Height Adjustable Desk
  • TV Lift

    Shaoxing Contuo is a TV lift company, which mainly produces motorized TV Lift, electric TV lift and automatic TV lift. The main purpose of TV lift is to realize the automatic lifting and lowering of large-screen TV and the automatic adjustment of screen angle, so that viewers can obtain the best viewing effect. Our products have multi-level adjustment, can be intelligently remote-controlled, more convenient to use.

    TV Lift
  • Lifting Column

    Shaoxing Contuo Company mainly producing various lifting column, electric lifting column and lifting column set. Our electric lifting column is suitable for work tables that require height adjustment, and industrial, medical equipment, work, and education environments that require vertical movement. The quality of our lifting column is in line with international certification, you can choose with confidence.

    Lifting Column
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