Adjustable Tables Promote Good Health and Productivity

Update:03 Feb 2023

Working seated for hours on end can be physically demanding and may lead to serious health issues. This is why it’s important to switch between sitting and standing positions regularly throughout the day. This increases blood flow and helps to keep aches and pains at bay, while improving worker energy levels and productivity.

The use of height-adjustable tables encourages this movement and makes it easier for workers to alternate between sitting and standing. These products go from a sitting position to a standing one in seconds, making it easy for workers to switch between positions without disrupting work or compromising productivity.
These power-adjustable chairs come in a range of heights, including taller and shorter versions to accommodate users with different morphologies. For example, a 160 cm worker may require different postures to work with equipment than a 180 cm worker because of their different skeletal structures.
Achieving optimal posture of the trunk, neck and shoulders can be difficult, especially for manual work. This is why adjusting a work station and equipment to suit the morphology of each worker is the key.
An auto-adjustable table is an excellent solution for many types of applications. For instance, in a manufacturing environment where workers must move between stations or perform tasks on higher surfaces, it’s important that they can quickly get to their equipment with ease.
These auto-adjustable tables also promote good health and increase workplace efficiency by removing the need to move expensive equipment or delicate test materials. Moreover, they can be installed in environments where there is a need for cleanroom compatibility.