Smart lift desks create a comfortable office environment

Update:30 Sep 2022

The intelligent lift desk creates an excellent standing working environment! A standing work environment is meant to provide a different option for maintaining good working conditions, not to make people work standing up forever.
People can sit when they are tired from standing, and stand up when they are tired from sitting. Everyone can adjust it according to their own needs and comfort. The intelligent lifting desk is a new type of standing office furniture. The intelligent lift desk can adjust the height of the desktop at will.
The smart desk is mainly composed of the desktop, the lifting table legs, the table frame and the intelligent lifting control system. Its core components are the lifting table legs and the intelligent lifting control system. The lifting motion of the legs is controlled by the intelligent lifting control system, thereby driving the table top to adjust the height.

Smart lift desk features:
(1) Different from traditional desks, it adopts a unique design of combined and split type, which is convenient for packaging and transportation, and can be assembled on-site modularly, and it is easy to assemble;
(2) Electrical control height adjustment, easy and fast operation;
(3) The lifting process is safe and stable, with low noise and strong pressure resistance;
(4) The feet are equipped with universal adjustment foot pads, which automatically flatten the ground, and the table body is stable and does not shake.