The New Sit Stand Desk For Children

Update:31 Aug 2020

Each one designed to keep up with your child’s moving, growing, shape-shifting ways.Children’s bones are still developing, so if they sit in positions that put stress on their body there’s a risk they can do permanent damage to themselves. Therefore, we designed a adjustable height desk suitable for chiladjustable height.

You will love this desk and chair. It was easy to put together. And that most screws where already in its place. Just unscrew, connect the pieces and rescrew them in. That the tools needed are also in the box, so no need to buy any extra tools. It's pretty wide & sturdy.

The Bright Color Student Swivel Chair is adjustable in every conceivable way: the seat height and depth are both easily adjustable to accommodate growth spurts, so the chair itself is suitable from around three years old all the way to the teenage years.

This comfortable, pneumatic adjustable desk and easy to move desk chair is an investment which will keep children comfortable from around the age of 3 all the way to the teenage years. A great chair for school-aged children!