What are the different types of lifting columns available

Update:18 May 2023

Telescopic Lifting Columns:

Telescopic lifting columns are widely used in applications where a wide range of height adjustment is required. These columns consist of nested sections that extend and retract, allowing for precise height positioning. Their modular design enables customization in terms of stroke length and lifting capacity. Telescopic lifting columns find applications in ergonomic workstations, medical equipment, industrial automation, and more.

Single-stage Lifting Columns:

Single-stage lifting columns, also known as single-segment columns, are simple yet effective solutions for height adjustment. They consist of a single column section that extends or retracts to achieve the desired height. These columns offer stability and smooth movement, making them suitable for applications such as desks, tables, counters, and display stands. With their compact design and ease of integration, single-stage lifting columns are popular in office environments, retail spaces, and hospitality settings.

Dual-stage Lifting Columns:

Dual-stage lifting columns are designed to provide extended stroke lengths while maintaining stability and precision. They consist of two nested column sections, each capable of independent movement. This design allows for a greater range of height adjustment compared to single-stage columns. Dual-stage lifting columns are commonly used in applications such as sit-stand desks, height-adjustable workbenches, and industrial machinery. Their versatility and reliable performance make them a popular choice for dynamic workplaces and multi-functional environments.

Three-stage Lifting Columns:

Three-stage lifting columns offer the highest degree of height adjustment among the different types. With three nested sections, they provide extended stroke lengths and versatile positioning options. These columns are often utilized in demanding applications such as industrial assembly lines, medical imaging equipment, and specialized workstations. Three-stage lifting columns deliver a combination of strength, stability, and precise control, making them suitable for heavy-duty loads and complex height adjustment requirements.

CTT-02-C3C-Height Adjustable Desk

CTT-02-C3C-Height Adjustable Desk

The electric standing desk frame has dual motor lift system offers soft height adjustments with low noise(under 50 dB) while running. Powerful smooth double motor lift system with level rise (0.59"-1.57")/s (Normal:1.26”/s) lift speed. The strong legs use telescopic adjustment transitioning from sitting to standing in seconds.
Sitting at work for a long time is harmful to the human spine. Combined with a standing desk, you can get a better working experience.
All steel construction and a thick leg support system is durable, holding up to 100kg(220lbs). Built-in protection against over-current, over-voltage and over-heating, protect your safety of home/office.
It is easy to assembly your new standing desk in 10 minutes, as the desk has its unique structural design.