Precautions When Choosing an Electric Lifting Column

Update:21 Aug 2020

First of all, when customers purchase Electric Lifting Column, they need to reserve a certain construction period, and the detailed delivery time can be communicated with the manufacturer to prevent delays in use due to the construction period.

Secondly, the electric lifting column belongs to the mechanical auxiliary equipment and is used in conjunction with other equipment. This involves questions about the installation dimensions. The commodity dimensions of each manufacturer have general specifications, but they are not completely the same. In order to prevent the size question from affecting the installation, the size of the electric lifting column must be planned in the equipment to be used when selecting the model, instead of processing the equipment first and then selecting the electric lifting column.

There are often some failures when using electric lifting columns

  1. The phenomenon of insufficient power supply of the motor is reflected in the significant reduction of the pushing force and lifting fluctuation of the electric lifting column. It may be due to the aging phenomenon of the magnetic coil of the motor, or the unstable input voltage may cause insufficient power supply of the motor. The magnetic coil can be replaced, and other power supply methods can be used for testing, such as diesel generators.
  2. The motor stops working, which is reflected in that the electric lifting column cannot move. The non-operation may be because the input voltage is not good, or there may be foreign objects stuck in the motor transport track. At this time, first use a measuring instrument to check whether the input voltage meets the standard in the input section of the circuit board. If not, the external three-phase power supply equipment will be worse. Use a screwdriver and other tools to disassemble the connecting module of the motor and the piston of the lifting column to clean up debris.
  3. Irregular motor operating frequency, fast and slow, reflected in the irregular movement of the electric lifting column that cannot be controlled. It may be caused by unstable output power of the motor, or improper operation. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the R14 and R15 capacitors of the motor PC board are broken down, etc., and replace them if they exist. When operating the electric lifting column, check whether the operator starts the PC circuit board first and then runs the push rod according to the process. Perhaps the single-chip microcomputer program of the PC circuit is modified without authorization, resulting in abnormal operation.

Therefore, the protection and maintenance of the electric lifting column motor is very critical to the operation of the Lifting Column, and it is a work that is easy to be neglected in normal operations.