Stand Up Desks - A Great Way to Work While Staying Active

Update:17 Feb 2023

Besides being healthier and more comfortable, standing desks help you to increase productivity. They can also alleviate back pain, and if you suffer from neck or shoulder pain you'll likely feel relief as well.

The best standing desks have adjustable heights, so that your elbows bend at a 90 degree angle when typing, and the top of your computer screen comes up to your eye level. This is critical for reducing the stress on your shoulders and neck, as well as reducing your risk of eye strain.
A good quality standing desk should be durable, quiet and stable when raised to its highest setting. Look for models with anti-collision technology that will prevent the desk from lowering and hitting anything, such as your chair or coffee cup, when you move it.
A standing desk can be a bit more expensive than a regular desk, but there are plenty of affordable alternatives that will get the job done and keep you active.
Another option is to convert an existing desk, which can be a much more affordable way to get the benefits of a standing desk without having to buy new furniture. There are a number of stand-up desk converters on the market that are designed to raise and lower your existing desk in a single motion.