The Advantages and Features of Height Adjustable Desk

Update:24 Nov 2020

What is the difference between height adjustable desk and traditional computer desk?

Compared with ordinary computer desks, the biggest functional difference of height adjustable desk is that height adjustable desk has a lifting function, which can adjust the height of the computer desk very well, so that it can meet the living habits and needs of different consumers. The height adjustable desk is mainly composed of computer desk frame, lifting table legs, computer desk desktop, intelligent lifting control system, etc., through the intelligent lifting control system to control the raising and lowering of the computer desk lifting legs, so as to achieve the height of the computer desk Change, raise to meet the standing position to use the computer office, lower to meet the sitting position to use the computer office.

Features of height adjustable desk:

1. The height adjustable desk rises and falls freely, and you can stand and use the computer alternately. Standing alternately does not interfere with the busy affairs at hand.

2. The height adjustable desk is easy to operate, it can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by just pressing the button.

3. The height adjustable desk has a memory storage function: that is, users can adjust the function keys to a fixed position according to their own suitable height, which is convenient to use.

4. The height adjustable desk has a simple and generous appearance, which is in line with international office trends, and is different from the dull and difficult-to-move style of traditional computer desks.

5. The height adjustable desk is beneficial to the physical and mental health of office workers and can increase work efficiency. Aodeke is a smart office furniture company that produces smart height adjustable desks. Specializing in the production of height adjustable desk, electric lifting desk, manual lifting desk, intelligent child lifting desk and other healthy and intelligent lifting desk furniture.

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