Whether You Should Buy a Stand-up Converter?

Update:13 Jul 2020

As the number of office workers continues to increase, more and more “head-downers” are beginning to realize the dangers of sedentary life, forcing them to start looking for a stand-up work mode or an alternate work mode. The adjustable desk converters and the height-adjustable desk can meet their needs.

Compared to a standing desk, an adjustable converter seems to be more economical, so what do you need to know before buying an converter?

  1. Most of the adjustable converters on the market are easy to install, but they are very troublesome to use.

First of all, the size of the converter is different, the level is different, it is difficult to adjust the desktop to a suitable height by manual adjustment. Many converters place the keyboard at a fixed distance below the display. Although the level of the display is adjustable, the level of the keyboard is fixed. This design makes it difficult for the keyboard and the display to achieve ergonomics Height, unable to take advantage of standing work.

In addition, the stability of many converters currently on the market is worrying and the operation of adjusting the height is cumbersome and complicated. Many jobs have extremely high requirements on the stability of the desktop when they are working. These poorly designed converters will destroy the stability of the desktop. Moreover, many standing converters are very troublesome during adjustment, the process of lifting and lowering the converter is tedious and complicated, and there is even a risk of injury during the adjustment of the converter.

  1. It is actually very difficult to achieve perfect ergonomics using the converter.

Since many converters will shorten the distance between the computer screen and human speech, in most cases, the optimal distance between the eyes and the screen cannot be obtained; and because the converter will not lie flat when closed, it may Raise the desktop by a few centimeters, which will upset the optimal height that was originally set when sitting and working. Any ergonomic technology, adjustability is the key to ensuring comfort, but most converters can only be fixed at a few fixed points, in fact, it is impossible to accurately find the most suitable height.

  1. The stand-up converter is very portable, but also very ugly

The converter weighs about 30 pounds, is very light, and can be easily carried. However, the converters currently on the market generally do not pay attention to the design of the appearance, and there are no manufacturers who produce better converters on the market. The top converters will be relatively expensive, and you can even buy a standing office desk.