Importance of Purchasing an Adjustable Height Table

Update:10 Jul 2020

Now more and more companies begin to pay attention to employee care, some companies will buy some height adjustable desk to reduce the possible health hazards caused by employees sitting for a long time.

There are a lot of studies that think that sedentary is a bad factor for health, but it is not that because sedentary is harmful to health, you must always stand after you have a lifting table. Sedentary is also harmful. The most scientific thing is that the two states alternate. Work for a period of time to be a little active, standing and sitting alternately helps increase the amount of people's activities, can increase metabolic levels and improve energy consumption.

Although the lifting table is good, but the price is more expensive, not all companies will prepare price tables for employees, so the kind of lifting table that can be placed on the desk is also a good choice. You can add a lifting function to any table. The price is relatively close to the people. The lifting table generally adopts multi-step adjustment or hydraulic stepless adjustment. In theory, the stepless adjustment will be more convenient, but the maximum height of the stepless adjustment model is generally limited. If the existing worktable is relatively short, the stepless adjustment model is not very suitable.

The lifting table can be generally divided into three types: air stick type, hand crank type and electric type. The price of the manual lifting table is relatively cheap, but it is very inconvenient to use. The lifting process is not only time-consuming but also laborious. Rather than purchasing such a lifting table, the lifting table is more convenient and affordable.

The difference between the electric electric lifting table and the air stick lifting table is not much, and the price is almost the same, but the electric lifting table generally has a memory function, which will be more convenient in use. The electric height adjustable desk is generally divided into dual motors and single motors. Generally, a single motor is sufficient to meet the daily use needs.