How to Avoid the Disadvantages of Standing Desks?

Update:14 Sep 2020

The disadvantages of height adjustable desk supplier are actually the hazards of standing for a long time:

  1. When standing, the entire neck, shoulders, and back of the human body are in a stiff state. If you keep your body in an upright position for too long, it is easy to cause muscle strain.
  2. When standing for a long time and the joints are constantly under pressure, the protective effect of the joint fluid on the joints is reduced, resulting in joint wear.
  3. Under normal conditions of the human body, the calf muscles push the blood trapped in the lower limbs due to gravity back to the heart. When standing for a long time, this circulatory regulation mechanism will be disturbed, and the circulation regulation ability of the legs will be lost, which will lead to veins. Varicose.
  4. Studies have shown that the pressure on the intervertebral discs is greatest in the sitting position, less in the standing position, and lowest in the lying position. In other words, the pressure on the intervertebral disc in a standing office is less than a sitting posture. However, when standing for a long time, the weight of the human body is placed on the intervertebral disc, and the pressure on the intervertebral disc is not small. Standing for a long time can easily damage the waist and kidney.

Therefore, regardless of "stationary office" or "sitting office", too long time is not good for health, and the correct way is to choose a lifting computer desk that can adjust the height of the desktop, and the height of the desktop can be adjusted at will. After sitting and working for a period of time, raise the desktop, and then stand and work for half an hour to soothe the muscles of the whole body, increase blood circulation, and relieve the fatigue of neck, shoulder and waist caused by prolonged sitting.

Therefore, the custom adjustable desk must be easy to lift and not take a lot of effort. It can be automatically adjusted to the specified height by gently pressing the button or shaking the rocker. At the same time, the height should be considered, and the adjustment distance should be adapted to the needs of people of different heights.