Top Benefits of Using Contuo Standing Desk II

Update:03 Feb 2021

Today, we will continue update the topic: Top Benefits of Using Contuo Standing Desk, let's go:

Improves Mood

One common concern among those interested in a standing desk is the ability to complete daily tasks such as typing or answering phone calls. Working while standing may take some getting used to, however, there has been no negative impact on daily activities reported by those using standing desks.

The boost in mood and energy, as well as the reduction in back, shoulder, and neck pain, is likely to improve productivity and mental alertness. When the body as a whole is in better shape, it functions more efficiently and it can be reasonably expected that this would in turn boost productivity.

Your lifespan may increase.

One of the most upsetting things that research into sitting has found is that it can shorten your lifespan. That’s right – the more you sit, the shorter your life is likely to be. Not good news for office workers and others who sit for work.

Fortunately, standing desks are readily available that make it easy to stand and work. You don’t have to sit all day if you don’t want to. It’s also worth noting that sit to stand desks are an option that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing – so you can rest when you need to!

Lower Stress Level

Recent studies show that workers using sit-and-stand desks have lower stress levels than their counterpart. This is most likely due to experiencing less pain and discomfort that is caused by prolonged sitting. They also report improved mood and energy levels.

In other words, a lower level of stress is just a side-effect of the countless health benefits standing desks have to offer.

Comfort and relaxation

Everyone likes to sit and relax with their feet propped up after a long day of work. But sitting while working for long consecutive hours is another story. In fact, it is draining and exhausting. What’s good about standing is that it can momentarily break your monotonous moments, giving you temporary relief. With a sit-to-stand desk, you can achieve real comfort and relaxation at work.

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